Wino Wednesdays

Wine alert

Ooohh… do we smell an elegant, crisp bouquet reminiscent of dried pears and figs with underlying hints of a totally hot date? Yes.

Shermhead’s trip reports: Austin Toros vs. Fort Worth Flyers

The Toros played their first home game of the season against the Flyers this past Sunday. Chris “Shermhead” Andrews provides his hallucinogen-induced perspective on the event.

Long-distance tolls

I’m a 23-year-old guy who has only been in two serious relationships, both of which were long distance. In the most recent one, the girl dumped me the day I moved back home to be with her…

Austin welcomes a crackpot

Crackpot Comedy Tour

The Crackpot Comedy Tour is currently performing shows in backyards and living rooms across the country. We met with the comedians after their Austin appearance and came away with an interview and a stomach full of keg beer.

Fast interviews are more fun

Richard Linklater - Fast Food Nation

That Other Paper spoke to Richard Linklater and Eric Schlosser at the Austin premiere of Fast Food Nation.

Destination: Dreams

motivational seminar For employees of Integrated Accounting Systems, today isn’t just another eight hours in front of a computer. James Ashworth, motivational speaker and former pro-wrestler, teaches the disaffected accountants the true meaning of personal power.