He’s a real slow-poke

slow-poke I always finish before my boyfriend does. He complains that he can tell that I’ve given up, and the truth is, I have. I’m trying not to be selfish, but sometimes I just want to roll over and go to sleep. What should I do?

Thai Kitchen and spiritual rejuvenation

After a long, exhausting week at the office, Tim Ashlock heads to his favorite Thai restaurant.

TOP picks: Nov 22-28

Aggie Congress Avenue Parade, Holiday Art Festival, You Me & Greg, and more… That Other Paper's entertainment picks for November 22 - 28

Emoticons have no place in a professional setting

emoticons According to manager Neil Jorgensen, the use of emoticons in work-related email at The Company is getting out of control. ;)

Governor for a Day Parade

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Governor for a Day Parade
At 8am on November 18, the Governor for a Day Parade took over Congress Avenue. See the photos…