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‘Los Muertos Bar’ mural at Mexic-Arte Museum

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Mexic-Arte Museum's "Los Muertos Bar" mural
Mexic-Arte Museum’s “Los Muertos Bar” mural arts up the southeast corner of Fifth and Congress.

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Pizza of the plebs: Mellow Mushroom

Rating: two starsPrice: average
Review October 31, 2006

A few days ago, following a rousing game of badminton, Vivica claimed she was famished and, alas, wanted to dine on “common food.” After an hour-long discourse about the merits of Sauvignon Blanc paired with a dynamite Neufchâtel, I decided I would allow her to have her way. So we climbed into our elegant Audi A8 and drove to the feces-ridden bowels of Austin to dine with the less ambitious.

We ruled out those establishments whose doors were decorated with slumbering, uncouth vagabonds, and then we made our way to what I assumed was a quaint bistro specializing in truffles: the Mellow Mushroom.

After paying $5 to park at the neighboring lot – without valet service, I unfortunately must add! – Vivica and I were taken aback by the combination of boisterous college students, a ghostly looking waitstaff, and an all-too-lifelike statue of Willie Nelson kayaking down a waterfall (hopefully toward a barber shop).

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Help. Please help.

My initial buffet glow of thinking, Oh wow, soooo much food!, was wearing off. Suddenly, I became disgusted with Joy East’s mediocrity — and my gluttony.