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Saturday, September 30, at 11:30pm: Spoon takes the stage at another sold-out Emo’s show. The crowd – one fluid mass of tattooed and pierced skin, cigarette smoke, and American Apparel – shrieks collectively the moment Britt Daniel, all swagger and Tecate and fitted shirt, approaches the mic.

photo / Chad Wadsworth 

I hear a bouncer mutter to a bartender: “Seventy-five of these schmucks are on Spoon’s guest list.” It’s a triumphant return home for Austin’s indie flagship, and they won’t disappoint. From the opening strains of “My Mathematical Mind” to the jam out from “Sister Jack,” the band managed to run through most of their recent – and by recent, I mean the past six years – material, leaving at least a third of the crowd waiting hours for that turn my camera on song. (What, they haven’t seen a Jaguar commercial lately?)

Red River Cafe review

Tim Ashlock reviews Red River Cafe.

Battle of the Mams

The Undercover Eater asks: Now that there are two Madam Mam’s locations, which one comes out on top? Unfortunately, there’s no tie.

Ohmygod Liam

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That Other Paper interviews Liam Sullivan, the Los Angeles-based actor/comedian behind the parody music video “Shoes.”

That Other Paper In 1948, Swiss engineer George de Mestral returned home from a stroll to find his jacket covered with cockleburs. Being an inquisitive mind, de Mestral placed a cocklebur under a microscope and noticed it was covered in hundreds of tiny hooks. When pressed against the loops of fiber in his clothing, the hooks engaged, and the cockleburs stuck. It was at this moment – at the crossroads of inspiration and lucky coincidence – that de Mestral invented the hook-and-loop fastener that we know today as Velcro.

Star Seeds Cafe review

Ever wonder what an episode of Friends would look like if all of the characters were jaded hipsters with star tattoos on their elbows and Central Perk were a filthy restaurant in a roadside motel?