Punchline-up for tonight, July 18


Another Friday, another fabulous Punchline to look forward to. What’s that? Something about a dark night? Yes, tonight it will get dark outside, but ColdTowne Theater’s parking lot is well-lit and you will surely be able to find your way inside. No excuses, Dad!

Tonight’s Punchline will be hosted by Ramin Nazer, and here’s the line-up:

  • Mason Lerner
  • Dan French
  • Tully Minoski
  • Shane Hebert
  • Benjamin Johnson
  • Juan Salinas
  • Michael Stansbury
  • Alexy Ronaldo
  • Jose Fuentes
  • Lynette LaMonica
  • Carey Moore
  • Matt Bearden

10pm (arrive early) | $5 at the door

512-Go!» ColdTowne Theater | map
4803 Airport Blvd (same building as I Luv Video) • 524-2807

The Happiest Hours: Gingerman

the happiest hours


Beer flows from over 80 taps covering the entire wall behind the long bar; it’s hard to find a better selection. They have darts and pool, and all the furniture is comfortable, arranged into conversation snugs throughout the bar. If you’re with a large group it might be difficult to find a place to sit all together. Your best bet would likely be in the spacious beer garden out back, but even then, it’s iffy.

Sunday: Happy hour prices for all service industry workers. Monday: Logo pint nights featuring a different beer each Monday. Buy the beer and keep the glass. Tuesday: All Texas beers are $3 after 5pm. Thursday: All pints are $3 from 6pm–6:30pm.

304 W 4th Street • 473-8801

Masters of the unintended

The Loose Cannon Libertarian

Libertarians continually point out that the one thing mainstream politicians everywhere never seem to learn, no matter how many do-overs they get, is this: All actions have consequences; ill-conceived actions have unintended consequences.

This is because the politician’s response to every issue is the same: Governmental coercion solves all problems.

It’s a knee-jerk formula for jerks: See problem A, pass law B, get result C. Problem solved.

Penciltucky: Part 10


An open letter to the jerks who vandalized my apartment complex

Open Letters
photo / Lord Jim Creative Commons license graphic 

Dear drunk assholes with the maturity of a 12-year-old:

Thank you so much for vandalizing the clubhouse and pool area of my apartment complex. I’m surprised you didn’t die when you pulled the lights out of the swimming pool. Didn’t you pay attention in sixth grade science? Electricity plus water equal electrocution. Oh, it was also great of you to drag that parking space bumper out of its spot and put it in the middle of the parking lot around the corner where no one turning the corner could see it. You’re lucky management found and moved it before someone ruined their car and sued your sorry little asses. And dumping garbage all over the clubhouse – genius! I can’t believe you came up with that yourselves. Your little prank did $2,000 worth of damage and resulted in no one being able to use the clubhouse, pool, or exercise room after office hours. So thanks! I hope you had a good time on your drunken spree, because you ruined the apartment amenities for the rest of us.