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It’s Saturday night and you’re going to unwind by going to your favorite club. Oh joy! Eventually you’re at that club. Hurray you! But then you hear “You’re not on the list.” Oops! You’ve been caught in a lie. Plus, those words can really hurt your self-esteem when you’re trying to get into a show for free. So you say, “I’m with the DJ.” Good move! Those words will surely allow you to move past that mean bouncer who’s trying to take your money and prevent your free entrance into Dance City. But then you hear “I don’t care.” Oh no! Some more words that can super-duper hurt your already fragile self-esteem. This is no good. Fortunately for you That Other Paper’s Michael Williams got access and was able to sit down with DJ and Backspin Records co-owner Eric Wallenstein (aka DJ Mijora y Minora). Hopefully you won’t break a sweat when reading this one.

courtesy Backspin’s MySpace page Backspin’s old location on Burnet Rd 

That Other Paper You have a pretty massive collection of records. Do you remember your first record?

Eric Wallenstein My first record was by the Rock-afire Explosion Band, that animal band that played at Showbiz Pizza. I didn’t even have a record player at the time, but that was my first record. I got more involved with collecting records once I got to high school and started listening to punk and going to more shows.

Overheard in Austin | HEB Far West

overheard in austin

HEB Far West

Girl to her friend “At least I’m still attracted to him after seeing him in Spandex.”

Not your mother’s Austin poll

photo / Christopher Althouse Cohen Creative Commons license graphicThis statue at Spiderhouse is a douchebag 

Over at the Austin LiveJournal community, user stupidis, a new Austinite, has posted a question that might tell us more about the landscape of our beloved city than any poll has before or ever will again. stupidis writes:

Dear austincommunity,

Ballpointing the pointy-headed head cases

The Loose Cannon Libertarian

Admit it. You know you’ve done it. You’re loafing in your Laz-Z-Butt lounger in your living room, or compressed between passengers in the middle seat on the Crack O’ Dawn flight to East Piddlyborough, or sneaking an on-the-job mini-vacation in the stinky-stall of your workplace pottyroom, when your eyes land on a line of type in the local Balderdash Bulletin you’ve been drowsily browsing through.

Some subnormal moron did something stunningly stupid today, or said something incredibly enlightened, or offered an ignorant opinion and it was all prominently preserved in newsprint.

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