Penciltucky: Part 8


The Happiest Hours: The Jackalope

the happiest hours

The Jackalope

A kind of oasis on 6th Street, the Jackalope has a decadent lounge feel – dimly lit booths and velvet paintings line the walls around the padded horseshoe-shaped bar. Horror movies play on the various televisions. Out back there’s an outdoor bar, La Cucaracha, where you can smoke cigarettes and nod your head to the loud music or just gaze at the fire sculpture. The staff is hip, the clientele diverse, and you can always drink for cheap.

Tuesday is half-priced chicken wings, Wednesday is 2-for-1 burger night, and on Thursday all pints are $2 (amazing deal).

Warning: NSFW

512-Go!» The Jackalope
404 E 6th St • 469-5801

Texas A&M: Watermelons give you boners

photo / Krissi AKA Kiki Creative Commons licensed: Attribution-No Derivatives 2.0 HURRY 

Scientists at Texas A&M have found that citrulline, an ingredient in watermelon, can trigger production of a compound that helps relax blood vessels in the body – which is effectively what Viagra does.

Found in the flesh and rind of watermelons, citrulline reacts with the body’s enzymes when consumed and is changed into arginine, an amino acid that benefits the heart, and the circulatory and immune systems.

Inspiration: San Francisco’s Victory Garden

Slow Food Nation Victory Garden rendering 

Urban gardens are sprouting up (zing!) in many cities all over the world, since food prices are on the rise, and, well, it’s just a damn good idea.

Yesterday in San Francisco, Slow Food Nation began working on a large victory garden in front of City Hall. This garden is being planted on the same site as the post-World War II gardens 60 years ago, when the nation’s food supplies were low and the economy was in rough shape. At the time, victory gardens across the country – planted on both public and private land – supplied 40 percent of the food surplus. Food grown in the Slow Food Nation Victory Garden in San Francisco will be donated to food banks and people in need.

Overheard in Austin | Congress and 7th

overheard in austin

Two girls in crosswalk

Girl #1 “You have really nice boobs.”

Girl #2 “Thanks! I think you have really nice boobs, too.”

Girl #1 “This would be a weird conversation for someone to overhear.”

Preemptive crime fighting

The Loose Cannon Libertarian

Libertarians have long warned that interventionism in foreign affairs inexorably leads to interventionism in domestic policy.

photo / +lyn Creative Commons licensed: Attribution-No Derivatives 2.0 

The hallmark of worldwide liberal-blessed Neocon-beloved empire building is the quaint little idea of preemptive war. The mentality works like this:

“That nasty little backwater sandbox of Upyerwazooistan, whose military can’t fight its way out of a moldy goatskin, might have a weapon of mass destruction which they might give to a terrorist which they might smuggle across our dangerously wide-open southern border in a donkey cart which might be used to blow up the President’s vacation home so we have to bomb third-world peasants and kill off thousands of American soldiers in the process of imposing the ideal of corrupt American-style ‘democracy’ on everyone.”