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TOP picks: June 23-29

Monday | June 23

The Islands with Crayon Smith and Sebastien Granger

You know a band that Rolling Stone and Spin have praised for their “morbidly sunny-sounding anthems” is going to put on a good show. The Islands used to be known as The Unicorns, who The Onion called “a bizarre ghost-obsessed indie-pop outfit,” but with a few members gone and several more added, The Unicorns became The Islands, who “take the remaining Unicorns stardust from the atmosphere and mixes it with strings, slick beats, and synthesizer.” The Islands are playing a free show tonight at Waterloo Records at 5, and their full show with Crayon Smith and Sebastien Granger will be tonight at Emo’s.

10pm | $8 | Get tickets

603 Red River St • Austin, TX

Tuesday | June 24

I Walked with a Zombie and Cat People at Paramount Theatre

Cat People 

As part of their delicious Summer Film Series, the Paramount Theatre is playing producer Val Lewton’s classic thrillers I Walked with a Zombie and Cat People tonight. Starring Frances Dee and Tom Conway, I Walked with a Zombie is one of the greatest zombie movies of all time and incorporates elements of Charlotte Bronte’s eerie novel Jane Eyre. Cat People, starring Simone Simon, Kent Smith, and Tom Conway, is about a beautiful Serbian-born fashion designer who believes herself to be embroiled in the Serbian legend of the Cat People. It was selected in 1993 by the United States National Film Registry for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

7pm, 8:40pm | $7

Paramount Theatre
713 Congress Ave • Austin, TX

Wednesday | June 25

Dallas: Power & Passion on Primetime TV

Even if you’ve never seen an episode of Dallas, you probably know the long-running (13 seasons!) saga’s premise: a wealthy Texas oil family, the Ewings, live their lives and drama ensues. One of the most popular television series of all time, Dallas is being profiled by the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. The exhibit will feature props like J. R. Ewing’s 10-gallon cowboy hat, Sue Ellen Ewing’s black evening gown, and autographed scripts, as well as clips in four different languages and a recreated environment.

9am–6pm | $7

Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum
1800 N Congress Ave • Austin, TX

Thursday | June 26

Hamilton Township

photo / Erica Nix Hamilton Township 

From the promoter:

As a toxic storm rages outside, the old lady sleeps, soundly, on her couch. Jason and Babydoll wait, trapped in her home, with a full case of the hag’s wine coolers. Neither is sure why they’re there. They only know who’s pulling the strings: the nameless, hard-rockin’ hedonist who orchestrated their very special evening. Based on a true story, Hamilton Township marries memoir, horror, punk rock and a New Jersey suburb to tell a story about adolescence, the nature of evil– and the worst party in the history of ever.

8pm | $12–$35

Salvage Vanguard Theater
2803 Manor Rd • Austin, TX

Friday | June 27



Aww, it’s our very own little comedy show. Punchline happens every Friday night, and about 12 local comics get four minutes each onstage to do their thing. ColdTowne’s the perfect place to see a show – tickets are just $5, and you can BYOB. Tonight’s show is hosted by TOP contributor and local comic/filmmaker Bradley Jackson.

10pm | $5 | BYOB

ColdTowne Theater
48 1/2 and Airport Blvd (same building as I Luv Video) • Austin, TX

Saturday | June 28

Size Matters: The 5ft x 7ft Show

It’s really as simple as the name implies: This show is all about work that’s five feet by seven feet. The featured artists are: Michael Abelman, Ethan Azarian, Shawn Camp, Stephen Dubov, Chris Holloway, Erika Jeanne, Amber Kappes, Zach McDonald, Nathan Nordstrom, David Ohlerking, Kate Payne, Andy St. Martin, Cody Scrogum and Meg Stone.


Pump Project Art Complex
702 Shady Ln • Austin, TX

Sunday | June 29

White People

This production tries to answer the question: What does it mean to be white in America? From the City Theatre:

What are white people thinking when they smile so politely? Mara Lynn, Martin, and Alan are perfectly normal people on the surface, the kind you meet every day. But as they casually talk about their lives, they disclose, layer by layer, the racial fears and paranoia which lie behind their facades. By turns hilarious and harrowing, White People breaks one of America’s most taboo subjects wide open for discussion.

$12–$25 | Get tickets

The City Theatre
3823 Airport Blvd • Austin, TX