Judge Judy’s wrath shakes the ground

Yesterday’s 5.4-magnitude earthquake in Los Angeles was caught on camera during the filming of my favorite syndicated television program: Judge Judy.

For my twenty-fifth birthday, my wife surprised me with a trip to LA to see a live taping of Judge Judy. It was probably the best day of my life – and that includes the day I found a million dollars inside a giant chocolate bar while having sex on the moon.

Here’s proof:

photo / Todd Ross Nienkerk Officer Byrd after a day’s taping 
photo / Kristin Hillery I spent the next morning in Officer Byrd’s dressing room, waiting to meet JJ herself. I can proudly say that I did resist the temptation to write down Byrd’s AIM screenname, which was clearly visible on his open laptop. 
photo / Todd Ross Nienkerk Judge Judy! She pinched my cheek. 

Lesser judge also shaken by earthquake (get it?)

Here’s earthquake footage from a taping of the eerily verisimilar program Judge Jenny:

Judge Judy is better.


Late Night Austin Real Estate's picture

I love that you can hear someone saying take a seat while there are all these huge cameras and film light things shaking ominiously overhead. Yeah take a seat under this huge shaking 500 pound camera.