Michael Bay’s rejected ‘Dark Knight’ script

photo / Yosi :) Creative Commons license graphicThe night is darkest just before the dawn 

Poor Michael Bay. The director of such blockbusters as Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and Transformers apparently wrote a script for The Dark Knight that Warner Bros. rejected. There, there, Michael. It’s really for the best. Maybe you should stick to movies with less plot than The Dark Knight.

Read the rejected script here.


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you know it’s a parody, right?

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TOP editor
No, really? It is? Damn. I really wanted to see Batman hack the Internet.
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Dude Batman didnt just hack the internet. He hacked “all the internets”. Because no one had ever done that before. I cant wait to see this movie. Two missles collide and there is an explosion “within the explosion” and then tanks come out of that explosion. I mean I would see it for that alone.

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i’v seen this film

it’s the best fuker ever

i want to lik the joker so much