Party Ends: Two guys helping each other out on a mountain top

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to a party. Odds are that 63 percent of you Austinites should have your hand up. These are facts. Now, keep your hand up if you’ve ever been to a party thrown by the folks at Party Ends.

Party Ends is for the people. They talk about and review music, film, and everyday objects (food, drinks, public restrooms, etc.) for the good of mankind. They also put on some shows with music and other entertaining fare. They’re local and share rewarding hobbies – like drinking. They’ll serve you in this life and the next. They may or may not really like Ben Affleck.

photo / Erin Hanson (all rights reserved) John and Luther of Party Ends 

So the odds are four-to-five that you should have your hand up. Again, these are facts. Still don’t believe that you’ve ever been to such an event? Lucky for you That Other Paper’s Michael Williams sat down on semi-dry benches with John Gross and Luther Himes of Party Ends to talk and share a pitcher of Shiner. It was good.

That Other Paper How did you come up with the name Party Ends? Is that like book ends?

Luther Himes It’s actually a lyric from a Saturday Looks Good To Me song. I don’t think anyone has ever asked that before.

TOP That makes more sense. I noticed from your archive that Luther was posting most of his stuff from Dallas when the site first went up. Were you using the Internet to communicate?

John Gross Luther was living in Dallas for a while, and we thought that a blog would be a creative way to keep in touch with each other. Eventually he made his way to Austin.

TOP So what’s the biggest perk of getting to promote huge parties?

LH Other than fame and fortune?

JG We get some free CDs. Not that we need free CDs, because we make so much money, but…

LH [laughs] Right. I think someone still owes John some money from last year. I still hear about it regularly.

TOP Your MySpace page has a photo album of famous people you’ve met. How does one make it into that album?

LH I think it’s really more of just people we really like. We can be nerdy.

JG We have some pictures of Matt Besser, Michael Showalter, and Terp 2 it.

LH I think we cornered Matt Besser when he came out of a restroom and talked him into holding a piece of paper that had “Party” written on it.

TOP What’s one of the more unusual things you’ve written about?

JG There was this candy that came in Lunchables a few years ago that resembled a concoction of Nestle Crunch and Pop Rocks called Loot Poppin’. I don’t think you can find it anymore but I liked that stuff so much I wrote about it.

courtesy Party Ends 

TOP So if you had to put something in a time capsule that represented Party Ends what would you put in there? Loot Poppin’?

LH Hmmm. We have a bunch of one-inch buttons.

TOP Good. The time capsule isn’t very big.

JG I think Ben Affleck starred in a movie about this. He had to leave things in an envelope for the future. What was that movie called?

LH Good Will Hunting?

JG No, not that one.

LH Armageddon?

JG No, it was called Payback or something.

TOP Have you ever played Six Degrees of Ben Affleck?

LH I can’t say I have.

JG The Sum of All Fears? Paycheck?

LH Why are we still talking about this? Ben Affleck isn’t even ironic.

JG Shia LaBeouf – now that’s ironic.

TOP In your opinion, what’s the next big thing to come out of Austin, musically?

LH I think Spoon might make it.

JG I can see big things happening for Ghostland Observatory.

LH But seriously, I really like Mothfight. They’re fun to watch.

TOP A lot of parties have a DJ. Who’s your favorite DJ from Austin?

JG Bird Peterson is amazing.

LH He’s always on the road, but he’s one of the best out there.

TOP I like the best. What would be the best way to sum up Party Ends for 2008? A motto, perhaps.

JG Synergy.

LH Confidence and teamwork. Two guys helping each other out on a mountain top.

TOP Now that’s the kind of party everybody wants to attend.

You can put your hand down now. If you’d like to go to the next Party Ends event, mark your calendar for August 24th, 2008. Party Ends will be helping to throw a huge boat party.

And don’t miss John Gross and Luther Himes this Saturday at ColdTowne Theater – they’re the celebrity monologists at Stool Pigeon.

8pm on Saturday, June 14 | $7–$10 at the door

512-Go!» ColdTowne Theater | map
4803 Airport Blvd (same building as I Luv Video) • 524-2807


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these guys throw badass parties. always wondered about the name too….

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Viva la Party Ends!

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Oh sweet, Stool Pigeon! I’ll definitely be there.