The Safe Word: Sex and Kink

Married with kinks

The Safe Word

If I knew someone about to get married I would tell them this: Kinky sex is to a good marriage as bus schedules are to buses. Which is to say, there might be some relationship but I don’t have good goddamn what it is. I was a late bloomer to this kink thing. Well, not so late that I wasn’t tying myself up and an inventive little masturbator from a young age, but it took me a while to come out to my partner.

What if fantasy meets reality?

What if fantasy meets reality?

Should you make your fantasies become reality?

Are you a pervert?

Are you a pervert?

Depending on when and where you are, friend, you are a pervert. Totally perved out, by the look of you.

Beat me up, beat me down

The Safe Word

Kink columnist RC McCloud talks about getting a good beat-down.

Are you a top or a bottom?

The Safe Word

Find out who you are, thanks to kink columnist RC McCloud.

How to tie up your boy, girl, or both

The Safe Word

Kink columnist RC McCloud’s seven steps to having fun with rope.

Good fences

That Other Paper | The Safe Word

Kink columnist RC McCloud discusses stepping off beaten paths to experience the unknown and the unexpected.

The high road to porn

That Other Paper | The high road to porn

Focusing on porn isn’t the solution. We shouldn’t be made ashamed of what we watch; we should be thoughtful about it.

Yes or no or maybe

That Other Paper | Yes or no or maybe

I saw my first Y/N/M list about a year ago. Now I think everyone should have one.

Sex, positive?

That Other Paper | Sex, positive?

Who isn’t sex-positive? Well, when you dig into it a little bit, not as many people as you think.

Austin: Weird but not freaky

That Other Paper | Austin: Weird but not freaky Now consider Austin, trying to keep it weird. Is this a city with its freak on? Sure, it’s gay friendly, relatively speaking, but where are the flamboyant and fabulous, the fetish folk, the poly-people, and someone to write them down, photograph them, turn them from life into art?

How to take naked pictures

That Other Paper | how to take naked pictures Anonymous nude modeling is hot. Really hot. And pretty popular, too. Digital cameras and the rise of Flickr, Pornotube, and photoblogging have turned what used to be a pastime only for serious pervs and extra spicy swinger types into a porn-lite sensation.