Overheard in Austin

Overheard in Austin | Office Elevator

overheard in austin

Office Elevator

Well-dressed man on cell phone “That message made me so happy. It’s the best I’ve ever gotten. I’m saving it forever. Yeah, the message that they’re not coming with us on vacation.”

Overheard in Austin | Spider House

overheard in austin

Spider House

Woman “I have to smoke a joint when I wake up. Otherwise I have headaches.”

Her friend “Yeah, I definitely prefer drinking.”

Overheard in Austin | Rudy’s

overheard in austin


Woman “I just don’t understand why they’d advertise being ‘the worst bar-b-q in Texas.’ Why are people eating here?”

photo / cogdogblog  

Overheard in Austin | Luby’s

overheard in austin


Girl on cell phone “I always think it’s a good idea to date two guys at once with the same name so there are no possible accidents in bed.”

Overheard in Austin | HEB Far West

overheard in austin

HEB Far West

Girl to her friend “At least I’m still attracted to him after seeing him in Spandex.”

Overheard in Austin | Genuine Joe

overheard in austin

Genuine Joe

Guy “Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash? That doesn’t make any sense!”

Overheard in Austin | Congress and 7th

overheard in austin

Two girls in crosswalk

Girl #1 “You have really nice boobs.”

Girl #2 “Thanks! I think you have really nice boobs, too.”

Girl #1 “This would be a weird conversation for someone to overhear.”

Overheard in Austin | Sunday matinee

overheard in austin

WALL-E Sunday matinee | Couple walking out of theater

Guy “I don’t know… it was kind of a sad movie.”

Girl “Yeah, and there was like no talking. What the hell?”

Overheard in Austin | Leaf

overheard in austin


Girl to her friend “Jamie Lynn Spears had her baby!”

Her friend “It seems like just yesterday she got knocked up.”

Girl “It does!”

Overheard in Austin | Hamilton Pool

overheard in austin

Hamilton Pool

Frat guy carrying a cardboard box full of meat “Uh… where are all the picnic tables?”

Frat guy carrying a cooler of booze “I guess we could just use, like, a rock or something. This sucks!”

photo / Kristin Hillery Creative Commons licensed: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Hamilton Pool 

Overheard in Austin | 6th and Congress

overheard in austin

6th and Congress

Woman to her huge biker dude friend “I can’t believe you don’t sail anymore!”

Overheard in Austin | Qua

overheard in austin

Ladies’ room at Qua

Woman washing her hands, to her friend “Well, I guess I’d better be nice to him. He is getting me two baby tigers for my birthday.”

Overheard by Samantha Jean

photo / Kristin Hillery Creative Commons licensed: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 The dance floor at Qua 

Overheard in Austin | Target

overheard in austin


Preteen girl pointing to clothes rack “Hannah Montaaaaana!”

Her mom “No. No. Absolutely not. Keep walking. I do not like her anymore. Do not even look at her.”

Overheard in Austin | Church’s Chicken

overheard in austin

Church’s Chicken

Little girl, as her younger sister cries “I need a new dad!”

Dad (sneering) “Really? I’ll take you somewhere to get one.”

Overheard in Austin | Wal-Mart

overheard in austin

Easter Sunday at Wal-Mart

Woman in line, to her daughter “What is that?”

Daughter “It’s a cake. You told me to pick out a cake.”

Woman in line “A COOKIE CAKE IS NOT A CAKE.”

Overheard in Austin | Whiskey Bar

overheard in austin

Whiskey Bar

Girl bartender handing a drink to a guy “I hope you’re ready to vomit tonight!”

Overheard in Austin | Amy’s Ice Cream

overheard in austin

Amy’s Ice Cream

Girl pointing to the tiny-sized cup “Tiny? That sounds like my boyfriend’s dick.”

Overheard in Austin | My office

overheard in austin

Overheard in my office

Co-worker “If Obama could get Vince Young to endorse him, he’d carry the whole state of Texas.”

Overheard in Austin | Toy Joy

overheard in austin

Toy Joy

Guy to his friend “You know that crazy cat lady who lives downstairs? She’s getting married!”

Overheard in Austin | H-E-B

overheard in austin

H-E-B (Burnet and Koenig)

Guy to his friend, looking at the Valentine’s Day stuff “Should I get her a balloon or just the flowers?”

His friend “All of this is bullshit. Get her something useful, like a bag of tampons.”